Wednesday, December 19, 2012

First Craft show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  I'm so excited, at the beginning of December I got to partcicpate in my first craft show!    It was so much fun!    This one sounded like so much fun! The whole thing was geared  towards the kids. Like a secret santa. A place for kids to shop.  Adults too,but it was all geared towards the little ones. No one minded little ones looking and touching their items, asking questions.
    They even had a gift wrapping station!  Such a blast!

   The people that  were running it did an amazing job organizing it!  They were so friendly and helpful!  They made me more excited for this new adventure of mine.
   There was so many great crafters,  lots of  fun and nice people to talk to.  So many people came!

  Oh did mention even the big guy came by? Yup! That's right even Santa came by for a visit!  I can't mention enough how much fun this was.
       My son had  so much fun shopping at all the different vendors.  He got all his  christmas shopping done in one afternoon. It was so much fun watching him decide what to get each person he was shopping for.

   I have to admitt though, I was a little nervous. what if they didn't like my items?  Who am I gonna talk to?   Is this even worth my time? Am I just being silly?

   Well..... it was amazing, so many people was  shopping, talking, and  having a good time. The afternoon flew by!

  I'm so glad  I ventured out of my comfort zone and tried this new experience. I hope to  try some more in the next year, especially if these ladies run one again!

    Here are some pictures from that day!

 Have  a blessed night!