Sunday, May 27, 2012

Happy Sunday!

Happy Sunday!   I just love Sunday's, they are just a laid back kinda day. We aren't in a hurry running places. Yes, I still have to work, and do the dishes and stuff,but being able to take my time doesn't make it seem like such a chore.

   Today, I'm hoping to finish my loom knitted bag, watch a movie, play a game with the kiddos before I go to work.

  I found this awesome site that has lots of loom knitted projects,that I'm hoping  to get to try soon.

  Happy Memorial Day!

Thank you to all the families that have served, and are serving! I can't express how much we appreciate all you do!

Have a fun and a safe week!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Book Review!

  I just love to read! Reading,crafting, and spending time with family and friends is what I love to do. Not in any particular

  I've been reading books by one certain author lately, and I must say, I just absolutely love her!

  Her name is Sandra Bricker. She has written books, like the one I just finished called Always the designer, never the Bride. Always,the baker,never the bride and many more.

   In Always, the Designer, never the bride. There is a young lady who is talented at making wedding dresses, and is trying to keep her business alive. Which at some points seems very hard. She ends up going back home for a friends wedding, and things just kinda twist and turn while she is there. Her whole world is going crazy. Of course there is a guy, what good is a romance without a hero.
  boy oh boy! Do I just love the way the hero is portrayed in this story. Well done!
I'm not going to go into details,because you just have to experience this book for yourself,trust me You will love this author.
  There is just something about her style of writing that makes the books read so smoothly. Before you know it you finished the book.
The books make you laugh out loud and for me that is a must. If its too serious, I just cant get into the story.

  I would highly recommend picking up a copy of one her books and taking a look! Before you know it you will be hooked just like me!

  Happy Reading!

Monday, May 21, 2012

crayon art

  Okay, I did it! I finally tried my hand at this melted crayon art that I've been seeing everywhere. I only had a small canvas to work with,but my 11 year daughter and I had fun making this!

   For those who don't know what you do is you take some crayons,broken or new, and a canvas. You decide how you want your design to go and you hot glue the crayons on to the canvas. You then take your hair dryer and begin to melt the crayons. This was the fun part!

  Now some things I would do different is make sure you have a newspaper down to catch the wax, also if you want the lines to be straight I would tip the canvas up, not have it laying flat on the table like I did.

 This was a fun project and I plan on doing some more in the future when I have some more canvas and crayons. For some reason  a family with four kids, I had very little crayons in my house.

  Gonna have to hit that back to school hard this upcoming year!

  Hope you are enjoying this beautiful day!

Sunday, May 20, 2012


May has been such a busy month already.  With Mother's day and birthdays, and graduations, its just been a whirl wind of activity here at my house.

  I have had some time to do some crafting. Thought today I would share some of my craftiness with everyone.

I hope everyone is having  a beautiful day! happy crafting!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Playing in the dirt! :)

  I couldn't  wait till spring came,  so I could start getting things ready for my garden. Thanks to my grandma, I can have a big garden with lots of great veggies in it! She lets me use her yard.  So far this year, I have pea pods,beans, carrots, zucchini, squash, egg plant, two different kinds of tomato's, lettuce, cucumber. 

  this year we are trying to grow watermelon, and pumpkin! I can't wait to see these start growing! 

  The pea pods,and beans, and radishes have started to sprout. I'm so excited every year to watch everything grow. I could do without the snakes, and the weeding,but hey, what can you do. lol 

  I remember this one summer, grandmas yard was over run with squash! Her whole back yard was just filled with it. It still makes me laugh when I think about it!
  I'm thinking about trying my hand at canning this year. I really never tried it before, mostly just like to freeze things. I just love my two giant freezers my hubby got for me. 
  I also wanna try making jelly too. I can remember my mom every summer making jelly or trying to. She always seemed to manage to catch the kitchen curtains on fire. Never fails, every summer! Awww! great memories. I think she just wanted new curtains, and this was her excuse. lol

  Well.... I don't have any pictures of my veggie garden,but here are some of my flowers that I have growing in my yard. Don't mind the weeds. 

   Have a beautiful day! 


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Treats,I've been a baking!

I've been baking up a storm, this week!  So many great recipes out there to try not enough time in the day. I just love to bake. It helps me to relax. Below you will see some of my creations as well as the links to some of them if you wanna to try them.

  I made an easy cookie cake today! It was great for breakfast,not very healthy,but oh well! gotta live a little some time right? lol

first up is smores cookies! I made one giant cookie,instead of lots of little ones.Here is the link to where I found the recipe.

 This is a butterfingers cake! Yummy!
 Cream cheese stuffed strawberries! These were a hit at my grandmas 90th birthday party!

 one of my kids favorite, trixkrispies!

I have lots more fun recipes to try, and I keep finding more every day!

Have a Sweet day!