Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Angry Birds Party!

    This past weekend was my son's 8th birthday and we decided  on an Angry Birds Party!  He had such a blast from building the slingshot to tearing into the cupcakes!  

   Thanks to the wonderful people on my computer I was able to print off lots of items for this party and be the most awesome mom ever in my son's eyes!

    It was a beautiful sunny day and we were able to have a great time at the park!

  First up I wanna show you the sling shot that my hubby and kids made. wouldn't be an angry birds party without a sling shot, right?
Here's my boys building it.
Here is what it looks like finished, great right?
we set up boxes and cans we painted to  look like piggies and just let the kids have fun. Okay, mom had to try it too. lol
My son had so much fun with the sling shot and just knocking the boxes down!

  For the cake I decided to do cupcakes. Now keep in mind I of course wanted to do something really special. I stayed up to midnight tryin and  trying to make these one kind of cupcakes,but finally gave in and made these really cute ones instead. They were a big hit! They were so yummy!

Everyone had a great time and thanks to this great website,  I was able to pull off the greatest angry birds party for my son!
Thanks guys!

    All in all it was a fun day and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves!

   Happy Birthday to my 8 year old!

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