Friday, June 15, 2012

I just love.......................

   I just love to buy from smaller shops and on storenvy. I really love to buy items straight from people. there is just something about buying  handmade items that I love better than any store bought item. Okay, I do love my computer, and my tv of course. 
    I feel the same way about giving as well. There is such pride that goes into handmade items. I have a friend at work who made me such lovely items for me to give to my loved ones for Father's day I just have to show them off!

   Later this week, I will be featuring  some of my favorite ladies who own some storenvy shops! I've been such amazed by the creativity these ladies have,that I just have to share with you! Look for those post this week!

  Below are the awesome Father's day gifts I'm giving out thanks to an awesome friend!

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