Sunday, January 27, 2013

Rainny day fun

  Well... with Iowa weather you just never know what its going to be like. One day its sunny and 50 and the next its freezing rain. Yup! Today its freezing rain out, so all 6 of us are stuck inside for the day.  God help us all. lol

  I took the day to catch up on some much over do crafting and computer work that need to get done.  All while answering every "Mom, I wanna watch this, or Mom bubba won't leave me alone call in the house from the kiddos.  The house seems so big at times,but when we are all stuck inside because of weather it seems to shrink in size. lol

Here are some of my fun crafts from today along with the ornaments from the order I was working on before.  I just loved how everything came out.

  I hope wherever you are  you are safe and warm tonight.


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Year, New things?

  Well.... it is now the 8th day of the new year. Can't really say alot has changed.  My kids went back to school today. The house is so quiet without them in it.   It will be really different when they move out in a few years. Not too sure I'm gonna like that.

  Anywhoo, this is a new year and lots of new things for me to try.  I found lots of new crafts I would like to do like: the ruffle scarf. Have you seen these?  I just love them!  I found the yarn and hoping this weekend to make one. Stay tuned. 

  Right now, I'm finishing up an order I got. Having fun making these ornaments.   I will have to post some pictures later when they are done.

  I'm also getting geared up for another craft show in March. I have to figure out what I'm gonna make for this.  My kids are excited too, because I let them sell some of their creations too.

   I've decide I'm gonna try and publish an e book on Barnes and Noble site. Wish me luck!

  What kind of new things are you trying this year?  I would love to hear all about your upcoming adventures. Leave me a comment!

  Have a Happy time in the New year!


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2nd day of the New year!

   Well.... it is officially the second day of the new year. 2013, can hardly believe it! 2012 has just flown by!  Had a lot of ups and downs that year. Hoping for the best in 2013. 

   I thought this first post for 2013 I would recap some of my fond memories of 2012.

  So many new adventures happened. I started my business, started this awesome blog, I took a chance and sent in a book idea. No I haven't heard back from them yet,but that's okay. I did it, that's all that matters.  I tried. I haven't given up yet though.

 I   went and did my first craft show!   I started the Iowa chapter of Hats for hope initiative. Thanks to an awesome girl named Emily for inspiring so many people.   Had so many great memories with my family. 

   2012 was a great year despite the troubles. I can't wait for all the adventures that 2013 has for myself and my family.

   I don't really do resolutions,but I do  like to set goals and see if I  can come close, I know it kinda sounds the same,but  its not. lol

This year I hope  to expand my business, do more craft shows, maybe join farmers market, try to blog at least once a week, sorry got a little behind in 2012. Most of all I'm going to enjoy my family more and remember to look for at least one good thing each day.

    I honestly believe that every day  has at least one good thing in it and sometimes we really have to look for it. I'm gonna focus more on the good this year and try not to let the bad weigh me down.

   Hoping everyone has a Great New Year 2013 is where its at!  Happy New Year everyone!