Sunday, January 27, 2013

Rainny day fun

  Well... with Iowa weather you just never know what its going to be like. One day its sunny and 50 and the next its freezing rain. Yup! Today its freezing rain out, so all 6 of us are stuck inside for the day.  God help us all. lol

  I took the day to catch up on some much over do crafting and computer work that need to get done.  All while answering every "Mom, I wanna watch this, or Mom bubba won't leave me alone call in the house from the kiddos.  The house seems so big at times,but when we are all stuck inside because of weather it seems to shrink in size. lol

Here are some of my fun crafts from today along with the ornaments from the order I was working on before.  I just loved how everything came out.

  I hope wherever you are  you are safe and warm tonight.


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