Monday, May 21, 2012

crayon art

  Okay, I did it! I finally tried my hand at this melted crayon art that I've been seeing everywhere. I only had a small canvas to work with,but my 11 year daughter and I had fun making this!

   For those who don't know what you do is you take some crayons,broken or new, and a canvas. You decide how you want your design to go and you hot glue the crayons on to the canvas. You then take your hair dryer and begin to melt the crayons. This was the fun part!

  Now some things I would do different is make sure you have a newspaper down to catch the wax, also if you want the lines to be straight I would tip the canvas up, not have it laying flat on the table like I did.

 This was a fun project and I plan on doing some more in the future when I have some more canvas and crayons. For some reason  a family with four kids, I had very little crayons in my house.

  Gonna have to hit that back to school hard this upcoming year!

  Hope you are enjoying this beautiful day!

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