Friday, August 3, 2012

August Already?!?

  Wow! Its August Already! Time sure is flying by this summer! I hope to beable to get all the fun activites in that I still wanna do. I have to do back to school shopping yet. I'm not always thrilled about that. I'm not too keen on shoe shopping and taking 4 kids shoe shopping is an adventure in itself.

    I do however love the low prices on glue, crayons, markers and all that jazz. Time to stock up my craft supplies.  Signed my daughter up for High school this year, wow thats another thing that shows time is flying by.  It seems like its too soon for me to have a daughter in High school! The next 4 years will be such a great adventure for and me.


   I know have the Iowa Chapter of  Emilys hats for hope up and running! Come give us a like and learn about girl who is trying to change the world one hat a time! Its a Great story!

  My storenvy  shop is doing well.  Had lots of interest in it yesterday! Still excited to see what the views are every day. If you haven't come check it out! Doing a discount for the month of Aug. use code aug12 to get 10% off your entire order!

So much going on!   I'm getting ready for my first craft fair in October. excited and nervous all at the same time!

Hope everyone is having a great time this summer! 

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