Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Back to School! Already?

  Wow! Its hard to believe that it is back to school time already. Where did the summer go?   So many things I wanted to do that I just didnt get around to yet. Come back summer! Im not quite ready for all the errands and running that comes with back to school time.  I wanna be in my bed sleeping, and staying up late eating marshmallows with my kids late at night.

   I just love the lazy days of summer. Time goes by so quickly. My kids are now in school. One in high school, one in middle and two in elementary. Oh and one in college!  I'm so proud of all my kids they work so hard at the schooling and just amaze me at all they are learning.  Which is so much more than I had to at their age.

    With the passing of summer comes one of my favorite seasons of fall.  I love the changing colors, crisp air and the smells that come with it.

     With that being said, though I would like to say one last thing.


I'm hoping the warmer weather sticks around a little  longer so I can sneek in some more marshmallow time.
Hoping that all your guys summer has been awesome!

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