Thursday, August 9, 2012

thoughts, thoughts thoughts!

   As a parent, I'm finding that there are always a lot of things to think about. Did I pay that bill? When is unpack your back pack night? Did I turn the stove off, Oh my gosh, the gas bill is due Today!
   There always seems to be so many things running through my mind, that sometimes, I wonder how I keep it all straight. I do, just like every other person out there,but it is just crazy sometimes just how many thoughts one person can have at one time.

        For instance while, I'm sitting here typing this, I'm reminding myself put the clothes in the dryer, you have to leave at 4 and so on.

      I'm sure someone somewhere has a number on how many thoughts one person has in a day. I'm also sure that number is off the charts.

      Is it possible to have too many thoughts?    Are what you thinking about right now what you should really be thinking about?   Are we suppose to have so many thoughts.   Are you getting distracted by all your thoughts.
   See, now I'm sounding like a commercial.Are you having trouble with your thoughts then call 1xxxx for a free trial of thought x.  lol I'm so silly!

      So I'm going to leave with you just one more  little thought:

have a great night!

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