Thursday, August 23, 2012

Swing of things!

 Wow! I can't believe its been about a week since my last post. That is just crazy! Time is sure flying by.

   Life seems to be moving in fastforward here.  The kids are all in school now, which means we are all trying to get used to the new routine and time schedule.  With all the new activites the kids are in plus 3 different schools, it gets a little hectic trying to remember everything that is going on when. 

  So far the kiddos are loving school! Everyone seems to have so much to report after school each day they sometimes talk over eachother just so they can get their stories told.  I love being able to hear all of it!

    With summer coming to an end, the kiddos are excited about our up coming garage sale. They look forward to it every year!
    They are making room for all the new items they will be getting for christmas and their birthdays.  Its hard to believe they are already making their christmas list.

  Still working away on the boys birthday parties. More on that later.

   I'm still plugging away at my  online shop.  I'm excited, I've signed up for my first craft fair in october. I can't wait.

  Haven't heard anything yet about my book I wrote,but  I havent given up hope yet. I'm even working on another book to put out there. Keep your fingers crossed for me.  :)
    Hope your week is going great! Gonna leave you with a little thought. I just love quotes! they are so much fun!


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