Saturday, August 25, 2012

Helping out

 With my kids getting older them and myself are getting more involved in volunteering for different casuses. It is so great to see my kids get excited about all these great causes.  I just love seeing their faces when they find something they  are passionate about.

  We  have started the Iowa hats for hope initiative. Which is where we knit and collect hats,gloves and scarfs for the poor and working poor in the state of Iowa. This is off to a great start. Our first donation goes out at the end of Sept. We are so excited.

Today though I wanted to talk about the crayons for cancer cause.  This is such a fun and rewarding cause to get behind. Would be great for any family to do,or a troop to do as an activity!

They send you what you need. you melt the crayons in fun little shapes and sell them. All proceeds go to them!!/crayonsforcancer

Check out this awesome activity to get behind.

What volunteer activities  do you and your family like to do?  I would love to hear!

Have a wonderful Saturday!

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